Will we still be renting clothes after COVID-19?

Before the pandemic struck, renting clothes was seen as the ultimate solution to the damaging buy-once wear-once culture so many of us had become trapped in. Instead of purchasing a new dress for a wedding or holiday, you could borrow one instead (thereby preventing it from ending up in landfill once you no longer had use for […]

How will we dress when the pandemic is over?

dress While vital safety measures impacting how we travel, work and socialise are temporary, the “quarantine of consumption” (a phrase conceived by Dutch trend forecaster Li Edelkoort) engendered by the pandemic is likely to last much longer. The big realisation? We need less, much less than we ever thought we did, and we need to think […]

Decoding Sara Ali Khan’s off-duty Wardrobe

Wardrobe In just a little over a year since her December 2018 debut with Kedarnath, Sara Ali Khan has already managed to make a name for herself in Bollywood. Whether she’s attending a red carpet event or a wedding, the actor never fails to make an impact with her fashion choices. But take a closer look at her […]