Author: Walter Arnold

Top Celebrity Chef Restaurants in London

After viewing your favorite TV Chef in action on the TV, have you ever wanted to be there to savor those delicious dishes? Why not come to London to visit the famed restaurants that the celebrity chefs run. Find here our guide to the best celebrity chef restaurants in London. Antony Worrall Thompson's Restaurants in […]

Real Person Fiction: Is It Legal to Mention a Celebrity in My Book?

"Real person fiction" is extremely popular these days – but popularity does not make it legal. Let's look at a few aspects of using celebrities in books or novels to try to clear up the misconceptions that surround real person fiction so that you can avoid potentially infringing on someone else's rights with your own […]

Celebrity Makeup Artists Offers Valuable Help For All

Carol Brown, who has a very impressive background as a celebrity makeup artist, now shares her secrets with all women in her new book "Natural to Knockout Makeup Beauty and You." In her well-written guide, Brown offers insights into how facial anatomy, attitudes, exercise, nutrition, and inner beauty contribute to natural classic beauty. She offers […]

Collecting Celebrity Signed Checks

Collecting checks signed by famous people is a fascinating hobby enjoyed by many autograph enthusiasts around the world. Autographs on checks have special appeal because the signature on the face of a check is usually authentic, the autograph is on a document that is easy to store and maintain, and an interesting story about the […]

Celebrity Gossip Article Making

If you are an active internet user then do you know what topic that always becomes trending topic on internet? Internet indeed provides many types of information but one topic that always dominate news on internet and social media is celebrity news and gossip especially gossip on Hollywood superstars. Recently, it is quite common to […]

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets Revealed!

Beautiful skin isn’t just for Celebrities anymore! We’re going to reveal some of the amazing products that give stars like Madonna, Cher, Jenny McCarthy, Paula Abdul, Kate Hudson, Naomi Campbell and many others the look of Celebrity Skin! Read on, and you can discover the secrets for yourself; and take your skin care to the […]

Celebrity Babies Experience Amazing Start in Life

Celebrities influence our lives to a great extent. Their lifestyle, dressing style, eating habits and everything about them fascinates people a lot. Celebrities enjoy the fame that other successful people in other fields do not enjoy. They wear designer clothes, drive expensive cars and live in homes which are no less than palaces. In simple […]

Top 5 Highest Paid Female Celebrities

The highest paid celebrities list for the year 2010 was recently released by Forbes. Though male celebrities mostly dominated the list but there were quite a few female celebrities too. The top 5 female celebrities as per the Forbes list are: 1. Oprah Winfrey: American television host, actress, producer, and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey is the […]

Celebrity Tattoo Removal – Stories of Tattoo Regret

Today, more than ever, celebrities are running to tattoo parlors in an effort to express themselves. Body art has become an accessory to many such as teacup dogs and expensive purses. The number of celebrities with tattoos is on the rise. In the old days, it was prominently the metal and punk rockers and athletes […]